Justin Shotwell

Is Your Favorite Hitter a Future Hall of Famer?

Here's a classic baseball argument. What current hitters should already be considered for the Hall of Fame? Five hundred home runs seems to be an automatic as well as three thousand hits, unless performance enhancing drugs are involved.

I thought it would be interesting to see where the current players stand in relation to Hall of Fame hitters in each of seven stats - Hits, Runs, Home Runs, Runs Batted In, OPS, AVG and WAR. Hitters already in the Hall of Fame are green.

This dataset includes all hitters that have accumulated at least twenty Wins Above Replacement in their career. Change the stat compared and the player with the dropdown menus. Only non-HOF players are in the dropdown.

I have been arguing for years that Joey Votto should be an easy selection. Playing on bad Red's teams shouldn't be a deterrant. To prove my point about him, he is the default choice.

The visiualization isn't really going to settle any arguments. It does give a good look at the distribution of each stat and should be cause for further discussion.